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Become a qualified JUDGE

Thank you for submitting your interest in Hosting PoleTheatre! We will email you more information shortly!

Apply To  Host

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Pole Theatre in your country.

Pole Theatre is an exciting, entertaining competition format that has been proved to be extremely popular worldwide. 
To ensure that you are a good match for the Pole Theatre brand you will be required to fill out an application form.

To apply to host a Pole Theatre, please fill out the form below







Become A Qualified Judge

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pole Theatre judge.


Becoming a qualified judge means you will be able to judge any Pole Theatre around the world. As a qualified judge, you will also be able to earn money by being an online video judge too. 

Pole Theatre is the biggest pole competition in the world which means learning to judge for us, ensures you are qualified to judge almost any competition.
If you're still interested, fill in the below form. Please note that applicants must already have experience in judging.


*Please note that we are currently not taking on new judge applications unless they are referred by a Pole Theatre host*


Thank you for submitting your interet to become a Pole theatre Judge! We will email you more information shortly!

Qualified International Judges

Our judges must undergo and pass the Pole Theatre certification training before becoming a certified Pole Theatre judge. Our judges are some of the best in the industry with the experience, knowledge and skills to ensure a fair and unbiased competition:




Anna Nikulina

Lisa Dee

Natasha Wang

Tiffany Rose Mockler

Adam Lin

Amber Ray

Katy Eve

Jazzy Alix

Daisy Adelle Bastick

Tara Myer

Anna Kia

Shaina Cruea

Marion Crampe

Ayesha Agogo

Lorna Walker

Allegra Bird

Daniel Rosen

Julia (Batory) Vashkevich

"Mint" Manar Elmokadm

Olga Biserova

Nicholas Tang

Nadyne Moldowan

Song Yi Lee (lydia)

Nathaly Sabalza

Alexandra Gerland

Alis Burning Heel

Slava Ruza

Crystal Belcher

Oona Kivela

Anzhelika Korelova

Marlo Fisken

Adam Lin

Molly Pretzel

Carlie Hunter

Sarah Brown

Shay Williamson

Yvonne Smink

Evgeny Greshilov

Kira Noire

Amandine Philippe

Jordan Kensley

Sara Helena Lumholdt

Anna Nikulina

Lisa Dee

Natasha Wang

Doris Arnold

Sarah Scott

Chiara Salvade

Allegra Bird

Irina Taurine

Tiff Finney

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