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Dispute, Queries & Feedback

 Do you have a dispute, query or feedback to send to Pole Theatre Worldwide?


First, please contact the organiser of the Pole Theatre your query is in regards to. If your issue remains unresolved please send an email to our team via our Dispute, Queries & Feedback form.

Click here to download our Dispute, Queries & Feedback form.

Once completed, please email to

It is important to us that all Pole Theatres worldwide promote and adhere to the Pole Theatre World guidelines, to ensure safe, fair & unbiased competitions. As the biggest pole dance competition in the world, Pole Theatre strives to uphold its reputation as one you can trust.

Competition organisers are carefully selected for their experience and vision to host their national Pole Theatre competition. Although given creative freedom, organisers must also adhere to strict rules, terms & conditions to ensure every competition is safe, fair and unbiased.

Judges must also undergo training before being allowed to judge a Pole Theatre competition, both live and video entries. Judges score using the Pole Theatre official rules and regulations which can be found here . They are the same rules worldwide.


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