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Professional ONLY Ticket - (14 October) - 40€


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Power Pole - Intermediate/Advanced Level

In this workshop you will work more with power. Different kinds of dead lifts, reverse elbow grips, forearm and arm handstands and smooth transitions into them. All elements you can perform on spinning or static poles. A few tricks require fexibility or splits. You do not need to be super fexible to attend this workshop.


If you repeat all these exercises a minimum of three times a week you will see a big difference after one-two months.

All About That Drop - Intermediate/Advanced Level

This very intense workshop will include almost all of the drops that you may have seen Anastasia do in her


performances or on Instagram. You will learn drops from Russian Split, Back Planche, Teddy etc.

Signature Tricks & Combos - Beginner - Intermediate – Advanced
In this workshop, learn some of Shimmy's beautiful signature combos and tricks to incorporate into your own performances and training. Shimmy’s signature tricks include unusual grips, flex moves, power moves and plenty of spinning. If you’re not used to using the pole on spinning mode, Shimmy will teach you techniques to control your momentum.

Dirty Sexy Floorwork - All Levels 

Shimmy's most popular workshop! Learn how to get down and dirty in the sexiest way with this workshop. Shimmy’s floorwork style is sexy, sensual and acrobatic. Shimmy will teach you the basics of sexy floorwork, and you will learn a fully choreographed routine.

Bring leg warmers, heels and knee pads.

Handspring 101

Sarah’s most popular workshop! Over the years she has perfected her system that will help you understand the mechanics of the movement, give you the tools you need to take away to get stronger and have you trying different grips, deadlifts techniques and more.


Being able to do a handspring is NOT a requirement for this workshop.

Static Spins and Tricks

Fun tricks and combos using the static pole to add to your pole repertoire! Learn how to create momentum and dynamic looking movements as well as learn hints and tips of tricks that aren’t always as hard as they seem!

Spinning Pole

Spinning pole combos and elements

House Of OonaK

Latest combos of the competition routines performed by Oona Kivelä with the original songs

Frou Frou Sexy Pole - All levels
In this workshop you will learn a choreographed routine with Maddie. You will need knee pads and stripper heels. This workshop is for all levels with some pole experience.

All The Tricks But No Splits - All levels
If you want to work on spinning transitions and adding moves flawlessly together this is the workshop for you. We will work on tricks and combos as well as freestyle techniques. So get ready to dance. Heels or no heels, you can decide.

Tricks & Combos

Spinning and Static.

Only news tricks and combos, signature moves.

Pole & Dance

It's a mix of Jazz, Modern or contemporary dance and combinations. Laurence will come with a variety of new moves and transitions and all the tricks of the trade to get them accomplished. The last part of the workshop is a choreography with combos and dance in Lolo's style.

Hybrid Static Elements - Inter/Adv

Welcome to Lisette's Zone. Her favorite and latest static transitions, full of strength, grace, acrobatics and interesting elements.

Forces of Flow - All levels welcome

Keep your leggings on and create movement and dance. Move around the pole, roll on the floor creating shapes and floor-work combinations.

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